Let me introduce myself

Hello. My name is Bev Tilson.

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and despite my age I enjoy many of the things a much younger person would do.

My first contact with wool came at the age of 7 while visiting my great grandmother during the school holidays.

She gave me my first knitting lessons and much to my mothers horror I was hooked and she then had to take over the task of teaching a left hander how to perfect her knitting style.

But persevere she did and I soon became a competent knitter graduating to spinning my own wool initially on an Ashford Traditional Wheel with white fleece.

My very first garment was made from Chatham Island wool (a remote wild and woolly island off the coast of New Zealand) and my creations haven’t looked back since.

As a new Mum in the 1970s, my spinning and knitting slowed down as my attention turned to bringing up my adorable twin babies.

On the road again in later years with my Ashford Traveller, my spinning and knitting career continued. I enjoyed much experimentation with a large range of fibres (all used successfully including dog hair) and my creative juices were flowing with the fun I was having felting and dying.

In the early 80s, I formed my business Morecraft Gifts first selling  crocheted sheepskin slippers then my knitted garments.  A lot of my creations were sold at the Arts Centre in Christchurch and other tourist outlets and found their way overseas.

Along with my knitting and spinning, I became an agent for Ashfords and consolidated my position as a teacher of hand spinning and formed the Hornby Spinners.

It was working with the Hornby Spinners that I discovered that while a lot of fibre was being spun many spinners were not sure how to use it. With the assistance and contributions of the Hornby Group and help and guidance from author and spinner Anne Field, I compiled my book Knitting Patterns for the Hand Spinner. and tapped into a market of creative people hungry for ideas and inspiration.

In 1995 I entered the Australian Scarf Exchange and have over the years found it a great way to meet fellow crafters and through it have made many wonderful friendships. I have been working with my latest group the Wigram Spinners since 2003.

I have also been indulging my passion for travelling and spinning and woolcrafts with extensive international travel meeting many creative people and sharing the wonderful world of woolcraft.